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To our generations "Rasche`s Kartenspiele 1.0x" or "Rasche`s Kartenspiele 2.0":

7) Under Win95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP you receive the message that the CD-ROM "Rasche`s Spieleserver," necessary for registration, cannot be found.

  • If you've really forgotten to insert the CD, then do so now.
  • If you have already inserted the CD, it can be the case that an anti-virus program is responsible for this message. Either shut off the anti-virus program temporarily during the registration process or configure it so that the CD is accepted.

8) Why don't the animations function under Win95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/VISTA/Win7?

  • Have you forgotten to switch them on under the menu, Settings --> View?
  • Quicktime is required for the animations. If you have not installed it, you can download it free from Apple Computer.

9) Under Win2000/XPVISTA/Win7, I get the message, "Save the current game?". After that, the game ends.

  • The reason is relatively simple. Normally, "Rasche's Server" is started at the same time you start one of our games (Skat, Doppelkopf, etc.). You can see it in the task list. If this server shuts down, your game will end automatically no more than one minute later, displaying this message.

    "Rasche`s Server" must be started from the CD-ROM. It has the name, "Server1.exe" in the Skat4PC-folder.

    If Rasche's Server doesn't start at all, you can also start it manually as a test simply by executing the program, Server1.exe". It will run for approximately 1 minute before ending automatically. This is normal when none of Rasche's game programs are running.

  • If "Rasche`s Server" is not start, it may be due to your anti-virus software. As a test, simply de-activate the anti-virus software and start the game software.

    We have not been able to duplicate this problem in-house. If you experience it, please send us all particulars so that we can follow up.

Our customers have reported several issues that can inhibit the functioning of "Rasche`s Server":

a) One customer had two CD drives. The server program functioned only in one of them. The reason is currently unclear since it should make no difference.

b) Norton Internet Security 2003 inhibits the start of the program. A customer wrote that de-activating Norton Internet Security 2003 allowed the Server to function normally.

10) Under Win2000/NT4/2000/XP/VISTA/Win7, the computer can't find the CD-ROM, although it has been inserted.

  • One customer has reported that the program, "Game Jack" (a controller for virtual drives) caused his problem.

11) How can I play without the CD-Rom under Win2000/XP/VISTA/Win7?

13) Only for "Rasche`s Kartenspiele 1.0x":
When restarting our software under Win2000/XP/VISTA/Win7 the registration window appears again.

This can happen for many reasons. All of our settings are stored in the appropriate game folder:

  • If you don't have write permission for this folder, the the registration information cannot be copied there.
  • When you register, the MAC address of the computer is also saved.  This is a unique number that identifies your particular network card.  Every time that the program starts, it checks for this MAC address.  When there is a difference between the current address and the saved one, the registration window will appear.
    Under some circumstances, customers have told us that shutting down the DSL connection renders the computer's network card unrecognizeable.

There are following questions for our older Software (Rasche`s Skat 5.0/4.0/3.x,...):

1) I'm trying to play Skat over a network, but can't get a connection to the Skat server

  • You must have at least two Skat licenses.
  • More information is available here.

2) When I enter my registration information I always get an error message.

  • You must type the registration entries EXACTLY as you received them from us. The Name, Street, City, State and zipcode information is linked to your specific registration code and serial number. Changing information including capitalization and spacing will result in errors.

3) Doppelkopf: Why does my partner respond immediately "No 90" to my re-doubling, even though his/her hand is not particularly strong.

  • The program follows a biding strategy typical among regular Doppelkopf players: When holding a very strong hand so that one thinks the opponents may not reach 90, an immediate bid of Double/Re-double is called for before playing out a card. This says, "I'm very strong in trump" and invites a "No-90" bid from the partner.
  • This behavior applies only through Version 1.5. Later versions adjust to your actual playing style. Our software actually learns the way you play!

4) Which versions of Mac games are PowerPC native?

  • All Skat versions 2.0x or lower are 68K versions only. There is no PowerPC code.
  • All Skat versions 3.0 or higher are "fat" versions containing both PowerPC and 68K code.

5) What MacOS Sytem is required for our games?

  • System 7.0 or higher and Quicktime are required for Doppelkopf, Sheepshead, and Skat.
  • All current games (through Skat 3.2x, Doppelkopf 1.5x, and Sheepshead 1.1x) are supported by us only through System 9.x.

6) Will there be MacOS X support?

  • We make no promises for older versions (through Skat 3.2x, Doppelkopf 1.5x, and Sheepshead 1.1x).
  • For Skat 4.0, Doppelkopf 2.0, and Sheepshead 2.0 or higher there will be two versions - a fully carbonized version that runs natively under MacOS-X and a "Classic" version for older Mac systems.

12) I'm a Win98/ME/NT4/2000/XP user and my program doesn't seem to start.

  • You start our software and nothing seems to happen: no window opens and, at most, you get a "program crashed" message.  The usual cause for this is that you WinSocket is no longer functioning properly.  One of our DLLs has tried to initialize the Sockets and returns no error.  Later, Windows crashes when it should properly should show only an empty window.

    Generally, the Sockets fail when they have been corrupted by other softward.  T-Online v. 6.0 seems especially to generate these problems.  Although we can accept no responsibility for problems with other software, we are working on a method for correcting this problem although it awaits further testing.

    In the meantime, you can try the following:

    Our CDROM-Customers can simply erase the Folder, "Openplay Modules".  Be aware, however, that this may also eliminate  some program functions.  Which functions are affected depends on the particular game and version. Please contact us for more informaiton.

    Our Download-Customers must retain the "Openplay Modules" folder, because it is required for communication with the activiation server.

    The method that usually works:
  • Locate the folder "Openplay Modules" (in our Game folder  under Programs).  Open that folder and delete (or simply remove from the folder) the files TCPIPDebug.dll and TCPIP.dll. Note: This will usually allow the game to start, but will prevent an internet connection from being established from within the game!
    Next, download the following  Zip-File.  After unpacking it, you will find a new TCPIP.dll -File that you can put in the "Openplay Modules" folder. Please don't establish a shortcut to the file.  Now you should be able to access the registration server on the internet in order to register your game.

    If you continue to have problems, please contact us (support@raschesspiele.de ). In general, we can offer our download customers a CD version for only 5 Euros including shipping/handling (within Germany only).  Simply supply us with your License/Serial Number that has not yet been registered.

  • Example Our game does not display a window and you have a DSL connection (without router) and v. 6.0 of T-Online's software installed:

    => Please contact T-Online support directly. Our only suggestion is that you de-install T-Online's software (all parts).  We have heard from customers that the deinstaller at one point asks for a Yes or No answer.  Answering incorrectly will cause the problem to remain even after the deinstaller has been run.

    => After you have deinstalled v.6.0, the install T-Online software v. 5.0 and this should solve the problem.