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Rasche's Skat 6 - Premium

(for Macintosh 10.4-10.5 and Win98/ME/NT4/NT2000/XP/Vista)

"Version 6.2" with more functions. New:

  • 20 new card sets (französische, international, Toms,...) with 8 Seniorenbilder; sum 27 different card sets
  • Updates playing styles
  • 8 new playing styles from Rasche`s Skat 5.0
  • Options: only Ramsch games, "Rest card sure" switch off,...
  • now new 9 2D-motives. You can change between more than 40 room motives.
  • An internet connection is required for software activation.
  • The simultaneous registration is permitted on max. 2 computers.
  • now with a Universal Binary-Version for Macintosh A

You'll be amazed by this new version of Skat! Skat is played by three or more players and was developed in Altenburg, Germany at the beginning of the 19th century. It was developed out of earlier card games and has grown to be the most popular German card game. Today, it is played worldwide.

This version is an expansion Rasche`s Skat 5.0/6.

A particular focus of development was an improvement in the playing routines to produce stronger computer opponents. While our earlier versions of Skat 2.0 and 3.0 received good reviews (Press Reports), we have substantially improved the play of our 8 "Professional"Routines in this version.

What is new?

  • Simulated players can break off games early.
  • Name of right-hand player is consistent with those in Doppelkopf and Sheepshead (only applies to Macintosh version)
  • Users of versions4.0 and V5.0 can also register although not all levels of play are available.
  • Support for two new card faces.
  • In Skat, the display of hands in "Open" games has been changed for Practice Mode. If none of the card windows for the other players has been opened manually, then only the cards of the soloist opponent are displayed. The other opponent's cards can be manually displayed, however.
  • When playing without the story, 48 different playing rooms are available as a background motive. Further ones alternative background are also possible.
  • More information about the ending of the story.
  • Improved user help functions, which help the inexperienced user automatically with the play with story, if they don`t eat or drink.

The following picture will give you an idea of how strong the new playing routines are. Twenty-eight simulated players participated in league tournament. There were 3,276 pairings each playing 2,000 hands. That made for a total of 6,552,000 hands altogether! The areas marked in yellow show the results of the playing routines from version 5.2 using the Professional and Expert playing styles.

System Requirements:

Macintosh (MacOS 8.6 or higher And MacOS X) and Win98/ME/NT4.0/NT2000/XP


- full 3D, animated interface

- German and English version

- Multiple screen resoultions (640*480; 800*600; 1024*768)

- 15 assorted playing environments (more).

- Ramsch, Suit, Grand, and Null games.

- Double/Redouble, Pub Skat, and Bock rounds

- Plays under the official rules of the German Skat Association and also the International Skat Association. [Also includes the newest rules for tournament play].

- 6 voices; 3 male and 3 female

- Play in our special Skat city: "RaschTown"

Four styles (mechanical, normal, cautious, and very cautious) for each of the skill levels of the simulated players:

- Casual player

- Advanced

- Expert

- Professional (long-run)

- League Play (You play against assorted opponents and must come out on top.)

- Championship play (Be careful to make the cut!)

- Practice mode/game replay/Calculation of card points for each player/separate window for cards already played.

- manual deal (You determine who receives which cards.)

- rate your play (at least up to this point)

- Strength analysis of the current deal. (only Macintosh)

- Break off games with the "Give up" and "Rest mine" funktions

Additional options for Ramsch games:
-- Trick with no card points also wins.
-- Subtract points taken by each player.

- Play out cards with either a single or double mouse click.

- Sort your cards the way you like them (left, right, ascending, etc.)
USK Classification: without age limitation

Differences between versions

A Download Demo of 6.0

W Download Demo of 6.0

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For all registered customers of previous versions, there is attractive update pricing.  Check out our Demo version!